How to choose between a studio vs. At-Home Newborn Photoshoot

July 16, 2023

Hello there, soon-to-be parents or excited family members! There are some days when it feels like your pregnancy is flying by and other days when it feels like it’s moving as slowly as a snail. There’s no greater joy than welcoming a little one into the world, and undoubtedly, you’ll want to remember every detail of their precious early days. Besides having to choose nursery decor, a carseat, and your stroller, it’s time to consider who your baby photographer will be. But how!? Let me help you make it one bit easier by talking about the differences between a studio session vs. an at home newborn photoshoot. It’s not as simple as it might seem but I’m about to walk you through the key factors to consider.

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Comfort and convenience during your studio or at-home newborn photoshoot

Consider first the convenience and comfort for both the baby and the parents. An at-home session might be more relaxing as your home is a familiar environment for everyone. This familiarity can reduce stress and allow for more organic, natural photos. Plus, all your baby’s necessities are easily accessible. You don’t have to worry if you packed enough diapers and burp cloths. If baby has a poopsplosion, everything you need is right there. If you have other toddlers, you know that they’ll be comfortable at home where all their toys are.

On the other hand, a studio session may be a more controlled environment, with optimal lighting and a variety of props and backgrounds. Your photographer knows exactly how the light looks on any given day in their studio. However, it could require travel, which may be challenging for the baby and the new parents. If you think you’ll be fine traveling, or worry about the light in your home, a studio session is perfect for you.

Style and Aesthetic Preferences

The choice also depends heavily on the style you’re hoping to achieve. Studio shoots often provide polished, and consistent images that align with your photographer’s work. If you want a more controlled aesthetic and themed images, a studio is an excellent choice. When working with R Winkler Photography, a few studio options will be offered so we can find a studio that best matches the aesthetic you want for your newborn photos.

Are you looking for a light an airy studio? The Apiary Collective in Hartford Connecticut is beautiful and the natural light in there is perfect.

Are you more interested in moodier photographs with lots of mirrors and greenery? Then The Gentle Bull Studios in Hartford Connecticut is another option.

In contrast, at-home photoshoots offer a more lifestyle-focused approach, capturing natural, candid moments in your everyday environment. If you want your photos to reflect your real-life setting and capture the essence of your family’s routine, this option is perfect. A few semi-posed photos will be taken for your baby’s solo images but choosing an at home session allows you to have images of your family in your newly decorated nursery or cozying up on your favorite couch.

at home newborn photoshoot of baby boy wrapped in a white swaddle

Control over lighting, temperature, and backgrounds for your newborn session

Studio photoshoots offer a higher degree of control over elements like lighting, temperature, and backgrounds. Studios are designed to produce high-quality photos irrespective of the weather outside or time of day. Also, professional studios often have a warm and cozy environment crucial for newborn photography.

With at-home photoshoots, you might not have the same control over these factors. Natural light varies throughout the day, and some areas of your home may not be photograph-friendly. But with the right photographer who can navigate these challenges, you can get beautiful, naturalistic photos.

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Budgeting for your newborn photoshoot

Pricing can vary significantly based on the photographer, location, and package options. Studio photoshoots can be more expensive due to the overhead costs involved. Home sessions might be more affordable, but some photographers charge an additional fee for travel.

Before deciding, it’s essential to understand what’s included in the price—how many photos you’ll receive, whether you’ll get prints or digital images, and if there are additional costs for props or outfits. Contact R Winkler Photography here to learn more about the available packages. When you book a session with me, there is no additional cost for props or outfits. Swaddles, blankets, and even dresses for mom, and even your coffee orders are brought to you.

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Your and your baby’s health considerations

In certain scenarios, particularly if the baby was premature or has specific health concerns, at-home sessions might be a safer choice to avoid exposure to germs or a stressful journey. Having spent a majority of my non-photography professional career in the healthcare field, I have an understanding for the different health concerns you may have for your baby. Discuss any concerns with your photographer and pediatrician to make the best decision for your family.

mom and baby both wearing white at the Apiary Collective studio in hartford connecticut

Conclusion: Time to decide if you want an at home newborn photoshoot or an in studio session

The decision between a studio or at-home newborn photoshoot largely depends on your family’s comfort, aesthetic preferences, budget, and specific circumstances. Both options have their unique advantages and can result in beautiful, heartfelt images of your newborn. Remember, it’s crucial to choose a professional newborn photographer who can ensure the baby’s safety and comfort throughout the session, regardless of the location. With careful consideration, you’re sure to create a memorable photoshoot that perfectly encapsulates these priceless early days.

Do you reside in Connecticut and are ready to book your newborn session either in a studio or at home? When you work with R Winkler Photography, you know that your concerns and goals for your newborn session will be addressed. Head here to contact me and let’s start planning your studio or at home newborn photoshoot.

R Winkler Photography is a Connecticut newborn photographer specializing in at home newborn sessions and studio lifestyle photography. R Winkler Photography serves the Farmington Valley, Hartford County, and surrounding areas.


  1. Such a good comparison between newborn at home and in studio sessions. It’s tricky to decide. I always recommend that if they are home proud then at home is the way to go 🙂

  2. I love that you are able to offer both, studio and at-home newborn session. That way your clients can choose the best fit for them.

  3. Jasmyn says:

    I love both options between studio and in-home newborn sessions. You photograph both really well and it would be hard to choose because I love them both!

  4. Bela says:

    This is such good information! I love how at home newborn sessions can be so natural and and also capture the family in their own space! I also love the studio baby photo. Hmmm It’s so hard to decide between them both.

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